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Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Information valid for the following counties: Isabella, Gratiot, Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, and Jackson.

This includes the following cities: Mount Pleasant, Alma, St. Johns, Lansing, Charlotte, Mason, and Jackson.

Here is where I intend to share the highest quality information possible with you. This will be exclusive to text message subscribers. At the very least, you will have access here before Mid-Mitten on social media if they even get it at all. I hope you enjoy!

This will give us our expected trends going forward and allow us to look further than just the next few days. The further out we go, the higher the risk that things can change, but I will discuss these concerns as needed.

Morning Sun 1/30/22 Update:

Snow amounts! Only going to show relevant data this time. A southeastward trend has been noted and data is similar to yesterday morning. We're looking at Wednesday and Thursday (Feb 2nd - 3rd) 2 day chances of seeing 6" or more. The first image is the GEFS, which has the highest chance right over Lansing and Jackson still (within the counties that this forecast is valid for anyway), while the second image (the EPS) has the highest chance from Jackson down into northern IN and northwest OH. We are still at a range that is susceptible to changes. A Winter Storm is brewing, but the exact track is not set in stone. Honestly, If I had to choose, I would lean toward the solution that is further south given the synoptic weather setup, variables at play, and how models have been performing so far this winter. *IF* the southern track verifies, the probabilities listed below will drop more. Still, trends will continue to be monitored.

Lansing Probability Table (Feb 2nd - 3rd):

Chance of 1"+ of snow

Near 100%

Chance of 3"+ of snow


Chance of 6"+ of snow

Near 50%

Chance of 12"+ of snow


Mount Pleasant Probability Table (Feb 2nd - 3rd):

Chance of 1"+ of snow


Chance of 3"+ of snow


Chance of 6"+ of snow

Near 20%

Chance of 12"+ of snow

Less Than 10%


AN IMPORTANT NOTE this morning is that the longest possible snow duration is Tuesday night through the end of the day Thursday. There may be lulls or the snow could end by late Wednesday. On Thursday, if it sets up over northern IN, we may miss out. If it does setup at the further north solution, we could be in play for more snow. Details still need to be ironed out for Thursday. ***Confidence is higher on rain changing to snow Tuesday night to start things off. Late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning could see hazardous travel conditions as rain water freezes on the roads and snow falls on top. I encourage you to follow Mid-Mitten Weather View on Instagram and Facebook for frequent updates and you can also find our official forecasts updated daily (or more since there's a lot to cover this week) from our growing team at

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