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Active Winter Weather Continues

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

March may be arriving on Friday, which marks the beginning of meteorological spring, but winter weather is not going anywhere through at least the first 7 to 10 days of the new month. This week alone, we have two separate systems that have the potential to bring accumulating snow to at least portions of mid-Michigan. The first one is forecast Tonight into Wednesday, which will likely bring several inches of snowfall to the region. Winter Weather Advisories are in effect tonight through mid-afternoon tomorrow.

Figure 1: Snowfall Forecast Tonight into tomorrow.

Looking ahead to this weekend, another system looks to bring another round of light snow mainly Friday night into Saturday. Additional accumulations are possible, although recent trends have been for a weaker system. Will need to keep an eye on this system as the weekend approaches, but either way, keeping fresh snow on the ground is no problem moving through the end of this week.

It doesn't end there, however. A blast of cold air arrives behind the snow moving into next week. Highs will likely be in the teens to twenties at best, with overnight lows in the single digits most of next week. We'll also look for occasional lake effect snow showers as well, but if clouds can break open, it's not impossible for temperatures to drop sub-zero at night. Considering early March normal temperatures should be near 40 for highs and in the lower-20s for lows, this is well below normal cold for this time period. Record lows are still in the teens below zero, though, so this certainly isn't unheard of.

Figure 3: GFS Temperature Anomaly Forecast shows temperatures running at least 5 to 15 degrees below normal first week of March. Source: Tropical Tidbits

As it turns out, this cold weather lines up with spring break at many college universities, so if you were hoping for warm weather during break, you'll have to make some travel plans elsewhere. In the meantime, snow and cold lovers enjoy because, like it or not, winter is still here.

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