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typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Constitution

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Constitution of Mid-Mitten Weather View at CMU 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Created 19 Oct. 2021 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Last Updated: 19 Oct. 2021 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)> 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Preamble  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)> 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>To serve people by providing timely information to help keep them safe and make decisions based on the weather. In addition to provide an opportunity for degreed meteorologists affiliated with CMU and student forecasters interested in building and/or improving their forecasting skills. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article I: Name 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>​Section 1.01

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. This organization should be known as Mid-Mitten Weather View at CMU in this document and in informal communications as MMWV, Mid-Mitten Weather View or Mid-Mitten Wx View.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>             

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article II: Membership 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 2.01  Membership Requirements and Qualifications 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Membership in Mid-Mitten Weather View shall not be denied because of age, color, disability, gender, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or weight. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. All students and alumni of Central Michigan University are eligible and welcome for membership in MMWV. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>c. An active member with MMWV is defined as the following: 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>       i) Has two or less excused absences from MMWV meetings. The president of                    MMWV has the authority to waive this requirement for any member as needed                under extenuating circumstances.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>        ii) Has paid dues to the treasurer, at rates set by executive board and                                 communicated to MMWV by a date set by the executive board to be no earlier                 than the 2nd meeting of the semester.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>         iii) For those involved in the forecasting teams, a member will not be in good                     standing if they consistently fail to meet position standards set by the executive               board. The president of MMWV has the authority to waive this requirement for                 any member as needed under extenuating circumstances. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>d. Membership in MMWV does not guarantee a spot on a forecasting team, but is required to be eligible for a forecasting team position 


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 2.02   Classes/Types of Membership 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Active: A person meeting the above criteria is considered an active member of MMWV. A person meeting these criteria cannot be denied active membership status for any reason. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Alumni: An person who was associated with Mid-Mitten Weather View prior to RSO foundation or a former active member of MMWV who wishes to retain affiliation after leaving Central Michigan University will be considered an alumni member.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 2.03    Voting Privileges  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Only active members in good standing are entitled to vote on MMWV matters except at the first meeting of an academic year 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 2.04    Termination of Membership 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Procedure: To terminate membership in MMWV a member must notify a member of the executive board 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Refund of dues:  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           i) For members who pay on a full-year basis and withdraw during the fall                         semester, the amount of one semester's dues will be non-refundable with the                 amount remaining paid out by the treasurer to the member.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           ii) Dues paid by the semester or yearly with under 1 full semester left at the time             of withdrawal will be non-refundable.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)> 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)> 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article III.      Officers 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 3.01    Elected Officers 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. The elected officers of MMWV shall be the following.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           i) President 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           ii) Vice President  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           iii) Treasurer 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           iv) Secretary  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           v) Webmaster 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           vi) Student Government Association (SGA) Representative 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Duties of each position will be contained in the MMWV Bylaws 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 3.02    Election of Officers 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Election of officers will take place during either the last week of March or the first two weeks of April 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Procedures for Elections 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           i) Nomination for an officer position may be by either self or another member of MMWV 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           ii) Voting for officer positions will be conducted by secret ballot 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           iii) The winner of the election will be determined by whomever wins the plurality                    of votes 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           iv) Vote total confirmation will be done by two non-running members of MMWV.                    One must be a non-officer active member. The other will be a non-running                      officer if available. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           v) The president will be the tie-breaker in the event of a tie. If the president is                        running in the tied election, the tie-breaking vote will pass through the officers                  listed in 3.01a and then through additional officers added later through                            amendments or any other person selected by the executive board.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>c. All officers will assume their office at the conclusion of the meeting they are elected 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>d. The terms of all officers shall last for one year 


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 3.04    Qualifications for office 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. A person is eligible to be an officer if they are an active member of MMWV in good standing. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. All active members that are on academic, social, or disciplinary probation are prohibited from holding any office – elected or appointed. 


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 3.05    Vacancies in officer positions 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. In the event an officer other than the president is unable to fulfill their duties for any reason (i.e. resignation, removal, incapacitation, etc…) nominations to fill the position will be made to fill the position at the next available meeting, with the election held at the same meeting.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. In the event a president is unable to carry out their duties, the vice-president will become the new president and a new vice-president will be selected as described above.  


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 3.05    Impeachment of Officers 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Reasons for impeachment shall include the failure to fulfill their duties, failure to follow the constitution and bylaws, excessive absences, or gross misconduct.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Procedure for impeachment 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           i) Any active member can call for an impeachment vote of an officer 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           ii) If a vote is called for, a hearing will be held either at the next available meeting                 or a special meeting called by the officer presiding over the the impeachment                 if necessary.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           iii) For the president, the vice president shall preside over the impeachment until                  a vote is taken. If the vote fails, the president regains control of the meeting. If                  the vote succeeds the vice president continues to preside over the meeting                      and becomes president as described above.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           iv) For all other officers, the president will preside over the hearing.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           v) At the hearing, members will be given the opportunity to present charges and                 complaints against the officer in question and the officer in question will be                     given the opportunity to speak in their own defense.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>           vi) After both sides have presented, a vote will be taken. A ¾ affirmative majority                  is necessary for removal. If that majority is reached the officer is removed                        from their position and the vacant position will be filled as described in                            section 3.04  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)> 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article IV.           Committees 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 4.01    List of Committees 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. MMWV will not have permanent standing committees  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Committees, including ad hoc committees, may be raised by a simple majority vote of active membership. 


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 4.02    Committee Membership 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Chairs for committees will be elected by a simple majority vote of active members.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>             

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article V.            Meetings 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 5.01    Regular Meetings 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. The frequency and timing of meetings will be determined by the executive board no later than one month before the start of the semester.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. In the event the university is closed including but not limited to inclement weather, scheduled meetings for that day will not be held 


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 5.02    Special Meetings 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Other than as described above for impeachment, a special meeting may be called for by either the president of MMWV or ¼ of active leadership. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Attendance at special meetings will not count toward absence limits to be in good standing 


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 5.03    Quorum 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. A quorum of MMWV, required to conduct official business is constituted of a minimum of ½  of active members 


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 5.04    typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Parliamentary procedure  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. The parliamentary rules governing meetings will be Robert’s Rules of Order 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. The president may deviate from Robert’s Rules of Order if necessary for the functioning of MMWV. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article VI.             Financial 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 6.01    Membership Dues and other Fees 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Membership dues shall be set at $10 per semester or $15 per year 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Other fees and assessments shall be determined by an affirmative vote of active membership 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>c. Membership dues may be adjusted by executive board prior to the start of an academic year 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 6.02    Banking 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. The treasury of MMWV shall be placed at PNC Bank 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. The President and Treasurer shall be named on the account 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>c. The treasurer shall notify the executive board before any funds are disbursed and must notify MMWV membership with the general reason for disbursements 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 6.03    Allocation of Funds 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Fund allocation will be through a majority vote of active membership 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. In urgent situations in which club approval is not possible, funds may be allocated by a majority vote of the executive board and the club must be notified of the vote and allocation at the next scheduled meeting 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article VII.        Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Professionalism 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 7.01    Accommodations Statement 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. Accommodations for members who need them, new or old, will be provided. Contact a member of the executive board to request accommodations.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 7.02    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. The MMWV organization exists to promote the success and development of its members in a welcoming and inclusive environment. MMWV wants to support our members and to foster a community. To ensure these goals are upheld, the highest standards of professionalism and the fostering of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are expected from any member or officer of MMWV.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Behaviors contrary to these values (including but not limited too hate speech, slurs, or discrimination) will not be tolerated, and will be reported by any member witnessing such conduct to a member of the executive board or the advisor. A member will not face adverse action or retaliation for reporting such conduct. All members will work toward making an environment that represents themselves and our community well.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>c. Members of MMWV will recruit members solely based on the interest of potential members in the mission and activities of MMWV. 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)> 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 7.03    Professionalism statement 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. As members of the scientific community, and in our position of providing information to the general public, professional behavior is expected of all members in all matters relating to MMWV. Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated and will be reported to the executive board or advisor.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article VIII:          Amendments 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 8.01    Procedure for Amendments to the constitution 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. An amendment may be proposed by any active member of MMWV.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>b. Once proposed, the vote will be held at the first meeting held after the meeting it was proposed in.  

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>c. A 2/3 majority vote is required to amend the constitution  


typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>              Article IX:            Dissolution 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Section 9.01    Disbursement of funds in the event of inactivation 

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>a. In the event of inactivation of MMWV all funds shall be donated for the purposes of disaster relief, with the particular organization decided by the executive board at the time of dissolution.  

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