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Mainly Warmer than Normal Week

The third work week of July will start off with sunshine and very warm temperatures. Today, we’ll see highs climb into the upper-80s to near 90° and Tuesday will follow with highs about 2 degrees warmer than today. Even Wednesday should continue to feature high temperatures in the upper-80s. The coolest day this week will be Thursday, when we’ll see highs in the low to mid-80s, which is normal for this time of year. Friday through next weekend warms back up with highs of 86° to 91°.

As far as Showers and Thunderstorms are concerned, the main risk to focus on this week is late Tuesday night and Wednesday. We have labeled this timeframe as an alert because of the potential for strong to severe storms. Confidence in severe weather is currently on the lower end of things, but it is enough of a concern to talk about so that we stay aware of the risks involved with this forecast. Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning, Showers and Thunderstorms may move into central MI from MN and WI. The severe risk here is low, but we can’t rule out a few isolated stronger storms in the area. On Wednesday a cold front will move through. Now the timing here is key because the slower the front approaches, the more daytime heating can build, which would increase the potential severe risk. If the front comes through more quickly and earlier in the day, the severe threat would be limited and end sooner. The risk on Wednesday may also depend on what the storms from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning end up doing if they exist at all. As a result, the potential for severe weather does exist in this setup, but details are uncertain at this time. Still, it’s a good idea to keep the Tuesday night through Wednesday timeframe in mind because regardless of how the severe risk plays out, this will be our opportunity to measure some more rain this week.

In addition, we have also included low risks for Showers and Thunderstorms this weekend. Washouts are not expected, but as another cold front approaches along with a northwest mid-level wind flow and associated mid-level energy, some thunderstorms seem at least possible. Fine-tuning will be needed for these chances, so it is worth staying up to date on the forecast this week if you have outdoor plans this weekend. You can find daily updates from us on Facebook and Instagram @midmittenwxview

7-Day Forecast:

Low Severe Storm Risk Tuesday Night in Dark Green:

Over the course of the last week, ending 11PM Saturday, July 16th, the 7-day rainfall observations show some beneficial rains have occurred. This is total observed rainfall between July 10th and July 16th. With a hit or miss thunderstorm pattern that we have seen on the regular this summer, it’s easy to become dry when you continuously miss out on storms, but once you find yourself under one, you’re able to cash in. We continue to find ourselves in a favorable position to see these hit or miss thunderstorms, so expect this theme to continue going forward through the end of the month.

Mt. Pleasant Almanac for This Week:

Almanac Information is a way to look at normal and record high and low temperatures for this time of year. The normal temperatures are based on the 30-year average high and low for that date between 1991 and 2020. For example, if you take the high temperature for every July 18th between 1991 and 2020 and calculate the average of all 30 values, the result would be 84°. Therefore, the normal high for today is 84°. Record high and low temperature data goes back to 1895. Sunrise and sunset data is also provided. All information is valid for Mount Pleasant.

July 18th:

Normal High/Low: 84°/61°

Record High: 100° 2012

Record Low: 39° 1924

Sunrise: 6:14AM

Sunset: 9:16PM

July 19th:

Normal High/Low: 84°/61°

Record High: 99° 1935

Record Low: 40° 1924

Sunrise: 6:15AM

Sunset: 9:15PM

July 20th:

Normal High/Low: 84°/61°

Record High: 101° 1934

Record Low: 42° 1941

Sunrise: 6:16AM

Sunset: 9:14PM

July 21st:

Normal High/Low: 84°/61°

Record High: 99° 1930

Record Low: 42° 1925

Sunrise: 6:17AM

Sunset: 9:13PM

July 22nd:

Normal High/Low: 84°/61°

Record High: 100° 2002

Record Low: 45° 1992

Sunrise: 6:18AM

Sunset: 9:12PM

July 23rd:

Normal High/Low: 84°/61°

Record High: 98° 1921

Record Low: 44° 1985

Sunrise: 6:19AM

Sunset: 9:12PM

July 24th:

Normal High/Low: 84°/61°

Record High: 104° 1934

Record Low: 44° 1985

Sunrise: 6:20AM

Sunset: 9:11PM

July 25th:

Normal High/Low: 84°/61°

Record High: 100° 1934

Record Low: 43° 1900

Sunrise: 6:21AM

Sunset: 9:10PM

Mid-Mitten Weather View’s Mission is to serve people by providing timely information to help keep you safe and make decisions based on the weather. We are passionate about educating both our forecasters and our followers about how weather forecasting works and how we can be best prepared when impactful weather threatens. Our team consists of both CMU alumni degreed meteorologists and current student forecasters from the University. For daily updates, we welcome you to check out our Facebook Page! We look forward to catching you back here next week for another weekly 7-Day forecast update.

-Weather Forecast by CMU Student Forecaster Isaac Cleland

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