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Cloudy and Mild January Weather

Overall, the week ahead is looking uneventful, with cloudy skies dominating and high temperatures in the 30s. The normal high temperature for this time of year is 30° and each day in the 7-day forecast is warmer than that. In fact, the high temperature forecast everyday through Sunday is between 31 and 36. Overnight lows are also forecast to be warmer than normal in the 20s compared to the normal low of 17° for early to mid-January. Continuous cloudy weather isn’t fun, but at least it isn’t bitter cold by any means. Although, perhaps having some snow and cold this time of year would make it more worth it, rather than simply have gray skies everyday. We do have a couple low end chances for rain and snow this week, but nothing that is prompting anything higher than a 30% chance as of this writing at noon on Sunday January 8th. Before I dig into these low-end precipitation chances, here is a look at how warm the first week of January was. Roughly the eastern half of the nation ran 5 to 15 degrees above normal, while here in mid-MI, we ran about 10 degrees warmer than normal to begin the new year. It has not been cold and there is no cold to be found in the forecast.

Figure 1: Temperature departure from normal Jan 1st-7th, 2023. Map courtesy of

Now, let’s discuss the week ahead. For the most part, once again, it will be cloudy with highs in the 30s. On Tuesday, there is a low chance for snow showers and possibly some freezing drizzle mixing in as well. Confidence is low in precipitation type and if it will be enough to cause impacts, but it could make area roads a bit slick. Because of this, it is worth being aware of as we head into day 2 of the work week and also day 2 of the spring semester of classes at Central Michigan University. All other schools are likely back in session as well. If we see any snow accumulation or ice accretion, it will be very little if anything. The main concern is the potential for a few slick spots on the roads that will probably be a scattered issue.

The second system to watch this week currently looks to time out Thursday afternoon through Friday morning. Confidence in direct impacts to central Michigan with this rain and snow chance is also low. At this point, we are favoring the best chance for rain changing to snow to occur further south in the state and into portions of Indiana and Ohio. Where it snows Friday morning from this may slow down the morning drive somewhat to end the week. This is worth mentioning because if it trends north throughout the week, we could see some impacts from rain and snow as a result of this, but for now, greater concerns are south of the central Michigan area. For that reason, rain and snow chances are 30% or lower for now. The weekend looks quiet with cloud cover and highs in the low to mid-30s. Here is the 7-day forecast for this week and upcoming start to Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

Mt. Pleasant Almanac for This Week:

January 9th

Normal High/Low: 30°/17°

Record High: 56° 1965

Record Low: -14° 1977

Sunrise: 8:12AM

Sunset: 5:21PM

January 10th

Normal High/Low: 30°/17°

Record High: 54° 1939

Record Low: -15° 1942

Sunrise: 8:11AM

Sunset: 5:22PM

January 11th

Normal High/Low: 30°/16°

Record High: 53° 1975

Record Low: -14° 1917

Sunrise: 8:11AM

Sunset: 5:23PM

January 12th

Normal High/Low: 30°/16°

Record High: 55° 2018

Record Low: -16° 1912

Sunrise: 8:11AM

Sunset: 5:24PM

January 13th

Normal High/Low: 29°/16°

Record High: 56° 2013

Record Low: -17° 1912

Sunrise: 8:10AM

Sunset: 5:26PM

January 14th

Normal High/Low: 29°/16°

Record High: 56° 1937

Record Low: -11° 1929

Sunrise: 8:10AM

Sunset: 5:27PM

January 15th

Normal High/Low: 29°/16°

Record High: 53° 1953

Record Low: -19° 1927

Sunrise: 8:09AM

Sunset: 5:28PM

Mid-Mitten Weather View’s Mission is to serve people by providing timely information to help keep you safe and make decisions based on the weather. We are passionate about educating both our forecasters and our followers about how weather forecasting works and how we can be best prepared when impactful weather threatens. Our team consists of both CMU alumni degreed meteorologists and current student forecasters from the University. For daily updates, we welcome you to check out our Facebook Page! We look forward to catching you back here next week for another weekly 7-Day forecast update.

-Weather Forecast by CMU Student Forecaster Isaac Cleland

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